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Original (Founder)

Original is a company focused on AI + Blockchain. It is aimed at a professional market, developing some new frontiers on digital identity, tokenization and AI.

NFT Fest (Founder)

Organized with the Municipality of Lugano, a 5-day festival focused on NFTs and new WEB3 technologies, with round tables, interventions, workshops, exhibition areas, and side events. 

NOKU (Founder)

Noku is a NFTs Trading & Gaming platform that allows players to truly own, trade, collect and govern game assets


Create your crypto wallet
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LVGA are the official local payment token of the City of Lugano. They are managed within a digital wallet inside the MyLugano App and are powered by blockchain technology.


The blockchain Authoritative, Accountable, Accessible.

3Achain is the institutional blockchain platform promoted by the City of Lugano.


Discover the trade secrets for investing and doing business. Discover the secret to money (ITA)

Bitcoin, Blockchain, NFTs… the present and future technologies that will change the world economic order (ITA)

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